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A few years ago, the Executive Board of the Association made a big push encouraging members to receive our Notice to Mariners newsletter electronically. (Those who wanted a printed copy could still get one if they absolutely insisted.) Recently, the Board came to a realization: It's time to go totally digital with our newsletters. It was a fairly easy decision to make, actually, and it was a unanimous vote.
1. Only 16% of our membership has elected to receive the newsletter in the mail - everybody else has elected to receive it electronically. And those 16% have still been receiving the e-mail with the download link.
2. The printer we used through our website host (ClubExpress) was bought not long ago by another company who promptly quadrupled the costs. So, instead of costing us $250 to mail each newsletter, it has become $1,000. Since ClubExpress hasn't found a good replacement, we would be on our own to find another one.
3. A digital newsletter is no longer bound by the "four-page" rule for printing purposes - it can now be any length with no restrictions!
4. Members receive digital newsletters immediately upon publication. No more waiting for the printer and post office, which could be up to two full weeks.
5. Digital newsletters include helpful embedded hyperlinks, allowing readers to click and have direct access to relevant pages on our website and other websites.
6. We're helping the environment by saving trees!
7. Most other clubs and organizations publish digital-only newsletters now, including the Rhodes-19 class and many other sailing classes, who made the switch long ago.
That's the story. We hope you enjoy the newsletter and all the fine work our editor, Bill Eggers, puts into it. Don't forget that all 52 years of newsletters are available on our website - it's worth checking them all out, especially as many of us are entering the winter season and are looking for anything Mariner-related to keep us going until spring!

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The Mariner is a 19-foot fiberglass sloop first manufactured by George O'Day in 1963, and currently produced by Stuart Marine. Over 4,000 boats have been constructed and can be found all over the country and even internationally. The object of the Mariner Class Association, founded in 1966, is to encourage and promote the use of the Mariner as an economical daysailer, racer and cruiser; to keep the boat safe; to develop Mariner Class racing under uniform rules with Fleet regattas and an annual National Championship and to maintain the one-design features of the Mariner as originally intended by the Designer; to develop and support family sailing opportunities with regional cruising events and an annual Mariner Rendezvous.
New members are always welcome. 
The Association publishes a newsletter, appropriately named Notice To Mariners, which is sent electronically to all members about four times a year. Through the newsletter, our forums and the plethora of information on the website, members can learn from highly experienced Mariner owners about maintaining, tuning, restoring, cruising, and racing a Mariner. We hope that you enjoy your visit to our web site and that you will soon enjoy the many benefits of Membership.

 Why buy a Mariner?  Why join the Mariner Class Association?
 • Shoal-draft with centerboard and kick-up rudder  • Inexpensive annual dues - only $15
 • Easy to launch and retrieve  • Quarterly newsletters
 • Large, roomy cockpit - great for family sailing  • Expert help available through active forums
 • Stable, fast, and easy to sail  • Downloadable guides, manuals, and more
 • Cuddy cabin, great for overnight cruises  • Searchable online member directory
 • Low initial cost and easy to maintain  • FREE classifieds section for boats and parts
 • Trailerable with a medium-size vehicle
 • A perfect boat for novices and experienced sailors  Click here to see more benefits!

Buying a Mariner? Here's the help you need!