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Ted Penfield: New VP Communications

The Mariner Class Association's Executive Board is proud to welcome Ted Penfield as the new Vice President of Communications! Ted received a unanimous vote from the Board after a search was conducted to fill the position vacated mid-term. Owner of #3224 Second Wind, he keeps his boat in Concord, Massachusetts and has already been active on the forums for some time.

Ted writes:

"I got my first boat when I was about ten years old... a combination sail, row, and motor boat... anyone remember 'Sport Yak'?  As a kid, I did a fair amount of recreational sailing on a Sailfish, an O’Day Widgeon, and our family owned a Beetle Cat for a while.  We also had several powerboats ranging from 4 – 40 HP.

"I spent most summers on Cape Cod, so I’m quite familiar with salt water boating.  I did not do much boating in my early adult years.  Eventually, with a young family of my own – the ‘Admiral’ and two children – I decided to get back into boating, hoping that the family would enjoy it too.

"We got an older Sunfish, one of the original Alcort models, and did some near shore sailing on Buzzards Bay and the local harbors.  That worked out well, so the following year I got a Catalina 22, which extended our cruising ability.  We did a couple of overnights, but mostly day trips.

"As the kids got older, the destination became more important than the journey, so we sold the Catalina and got a 24-foot Formula powerboat.  We made good use of the powerboat and eventually upgraded to a 33-foot Formula powerboat, which we have currently.  We kept the Sunfish all along and use it a few times a year.

A couple of years back (2015), I was thinking about getting another sailboat for when I wanted to go sailing rather than powerboating.  My dream boat would be an S2 7.9, but that seemed like it may be too much to manage as a second boat.  So, I did a fair amount of research and really liked the O’Day Mariner.  I bought my 1976 Mariner (Sail #3224) from a guy who had it in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee. It looked to be in good shape, and it came with a nice galvanized trailer too!

"I found the Mariner Class Association online, joined once I got the boat, and have really enjoyed the forum and the wonderful resources available within for this great sailboat.

"I am a bit of an Internet forum junkie, as I frequent several of the popular powerboat forums, as well as the Mariner forum and the Sailboat Owner’s forum, which has a Catalina 22 section.  I also have my own web site for the boats that I have owned over the years –  The Mariner section of my website is still a work in progress, as is my Mariner.  My plan is to rebuild the boat to ‘like new’ condition and then moor it seasonally so that I can sail it frequently.

"Career-wise, I am an Industrial Engineer by schooling (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).  I also have an MBA from their school of management.  I have worked for a variety of manufacturing and technology companies over the years, including computer companies, aerospace, software companies, and a building supply retailer.  Along the way I transitioned from manufacturing into information technology.  I am now the VP of Information Technology at a non-profit organization in Boston, MA and have been there for the past eight years.  We have lived in the greater Boston area since about 1992 and we have a summer home on Cape Cod, where we do most of our boating."

Welcome to the Mariner Class Association's Executive Board, Ted! We're happy you're on board!

2017 Annual Report Posted

The 2017 Annual Report of the Mariner Class Association has now been posted and is available to all our members. This compilation includes reports from the President (Eric Lesniak), VP Membership (Dan Meaney), Webmaster (Nate Bayreuther), and Treasurer (Brad Friedman).

From 1966-2012, Annual Reports were presented at Annual Meetings held the night before the National Championships. In 2012, the membership voted to do away with Annual Meetings since the vast majority of the membership could never be present for the Nationals and therefore the Meeting. Instead, reports by the Executive Board would be posted in the Notice to Mariners and/or on the website. Any issue to be discussed would be presented on the forums. Members are once again encouraged to read this year's report and begin any relevant discussions in the "General Questions" forum.

Download the Annual Report here.



Inspecting a Mariner to Purchase

Want to buy a Mariner but not really sure what to look for? Is that weird stain just cosmetic or indicative of a structural issue? Does that problem need to be addressed immediately, or can it wait for another time? Is that other thing a deal-breaker, or can I use it to negotiate a lower price? Check out our inspection guide to help you be better informed when looking at a Mariner you may want to buy.

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